It is amazing how much is involved in organizing, planning and executing an effective recruiting campaign.  We’ll summarize best we can, but once you decide to partner with Gas & Technology Group, we will:

  • Identify exactly what you the Hiring Manager would like to see in submitted Candidates.
  • Consult with you on the attractiveness of the position (s)
  • Identify which people have the requested backgrounds currently employed by these companies.   This is done through a combination of professional social networking websites, emails, video conferencing, searching job boards, phone call networking, texting, etc.
  • Sell that opportunity to the targeted audience. Technology has hurt recruiters who increasingly rely on internet job postings, emails, text messages, instant messages, etc. to do the selling for them.  We pick up the phone and do it right.
  • Create a short list of Candidates to submit, briefing you verbally on progress.
  • Address potential hiring barriers like no-compete issues, relocation, counter offers etc.
  • Each Candidate is submitted with a resume and a summary of motivations to make a change, salary history, relocation information, skill sets, and any other pertinent information.
  • After you review the Candidates submitted, we arrange the interviews for you if needed.  Before interviewing, Candidates will be prepped, informed on what to expect, and a confirmation of interest.
  • Candidate and Hiring Manager debriefs after interview.  we expect all our submitted Candidates to receive an interview, but for those Candidates that are not, please help us understand why at this point.  This is where we can fine tune our efforts. 
  • For Candidates you want to hire but will involve a relocation, we will have them work with our team of relocation experts to ensure a smooth transition, while identifying any potential issues.
  • Arrange future interviews or prepare an offer.
  • Consult with Hiring Manager on appropriate offer, and any negotiating after presenting offer to the Candidate. 
  • Coach newly hired Candidate on properly resigning from current Employer.  This includes the dreaded counter-offer.  Also confirm start date. 
  • Testimonial Request.  IF you the Hiring Manager have had a positive experience, the best way you can let us know is to use us again, refer us to another Client, or write a brief testimonial or your experience (link here, 
  • Follow up with Candidate and Employer in 30, 60, and 90 day increments.  About 90% of the Candidates that our Clients hire are still employed by the same Client a year later using this tried and true methodology. 

Recruiting Process