With no risk to the Client, our team will work diligently to find Candidates that meet your job requirements.  We are only rewarded upon successfully hiring one of our submitted Candidates.  No fee is due if Candidate is hired from other sources.  Standard contingency fee is 30% of Candidate’s first year realistic compensation.*


 When your hiring need is urgent, the Client can dictate what our team’s continuous focus will be by entering into an Engaged service relationship.  We understand what critical hiring needs can do to your business if not addressed immediately, and by investing in us on the front end, you can rest assure you have a partner that has a vested interest in your success.  Standard fee is 26% of Candidate’s first year realistic compensation.  There is a 10% fee to initiate the search, with the difference due upon hire.*

*Every hiring need is unique, and there are many geographical, economic, cultural and technical challenges to consider.  For a free consultation, call Gas & Technology Group today, 919-865-3371.


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